Manuela Max Mara


Manuela:, a wide, enveloping wrap coat that, like all great inventions, is quite simple.
At first sight, it has all the characteristics of a wrap coat, easy to wear and fasten. But, on closer examination, it becomes obvious that it is a combination of small, key details that make Manuela a forever coat, the perfect balance between proportions, fabric and construction.
Once you’ve worn it, you can’t be without it.

In luxurious pure camel hair, Manuela represents the essence of quality and the Max Mara philosophy. The camel hair is actually collected by hand during natural moulting periods and the fibres undergo a carding process during spinning to release the impurities, giving them their incomparable sheen.

Puntino Max Mara

Another characteristic of the Manuela coat is the sartorial stitched trim along the edge of the item that makes it unique.